Comprehensive EHR for Africa. Access Anywhere, Anytime.

Experience smart healthcare delivery. Enhance patient outcomes.
  • Medcera for Doctors

  • Medcera Fusion is a cloud-based EHR/EMR platform that helps doctors deliver care more efficiently, and unconstrained by location.

  • Medcera for Patients

  • Medcera Patients helps patients book appointments, and get updates on their health records — from lab results to prescriptions.

  • Medcera for Partners

  • Medcera Connect integrates external labs, pharmacies, etc into EHR/EMR. Medcera Insights analyses anonymized & aggregated data with AI to help drug dev. and health policy.

Welcome to Medcera

Medcera is a cloud-based electronic health record platform with powerful practice management system and patient engagement features. It is engineered to serve clinics, lab centers, pharmacies, and more.  Intuitive and easy to use, Medcera assists doctors to improve patient outcomes,  and supports patients to engage more efficiently with doctors, and facilitates integration with other health stakeholders such as labs, eye centers, pharmacies.

Smarter Healthcare

Electronic Billing


Bank-level security & privacy

Patient Scheduling

Health Analytics

Medcera is simple, instinctive and interoperable so you can focus more on what you do best – health. It’s integrated and engineered for more productivity, enhanced patient outcomes and better insights on the state of population-health.

One Man. One Woman. One Medical Record.

We provide the possibility of maintaining one version of health record for a patient irrespective of the number of doctors, clinics, labs, imaging centers, etc involved. And this is unconstrained by location. Provided the patient and the providers are on Medcera, the patient’s medical record will be current as he/she moves across Africa, from clinic to clinic. The patient is completely in charge: he/she can revoke access to a provider at any time. And no one can see a patient data unless he/she shares the Medcera Code.

Solutions for Patient-Driven Healthcare System

Medcera provides a connected ecosystem that brings together Doctors, Patients and Healthcare Partners making it possible to deliver top-grade patient outcomes. Doctors have the tools they need. Patients are provided with support they deserve. Policymakers, drug makers etc get insights to engineer tomorrow’s miracles through analytics. Pharmacies, labs, imaging centers etc are systematically integrated into the health system to reduce cost and improve quality.


Medcera Fusion

Medcera Fusion is a top-grade, SSL secure electronic medical record system that delivers meaningful-use to physician practices


Medcera Connect

Medcera Connect brings other health providers like labs, pharmacies, imaging centers, etc into the doctor’s practice to deliver great patient outcomes


Medcera Insights

Medcera Insights uses analytics to provide insights at population-level to partners, using anonymized & aggregated data, for drug development, health policy, etc


Medcera Patients

Medcera Patients helps patients book doctor appointments, and get the latest updates on their health records — from lab results to prescriptions.