Medcera is a web-based EMR (electronic medical record) and EHR (electronic health record) system with patient portal. It provides physicians and medical professionals with EMR/EHR technology along with personal health record for patients.

It supports large and small  medical institutions like clinics, labs, pharmacists, and imaging centers to move their operations into the digital ecosystems where they can increase productivity, lower costs on medical information management, improve quality of care and employee/patient safety. Also, Medcera offers health insurance solution enabling integration of physician, billing, insurance, government receipts and other components of health insurance delivery in one system. All Medcera systems run on the cloud with no requirement for any hardware installation. It is supported with bank-level security.

Our motivation for starting Medcera is anchored on the fact that once a patient has a record with Medcera, every approved health professional will have access to that record irrespective of time and location. So, anywhere you are, provided the entity and you are in the Medcera Network, your records would be accessible, if you give approval. We think this will save lives.

Prof Ndubuisi Ekekwe leads Medcera team. He is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Owerri (Nigeria) and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University, USA. While in Johns Hopkins, he invented and patented a technology which is used in medical robots. He has many years of building technologies for the healthcare sector.