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Medcera supports large and small clinics, dentists, labs, insurers, pharmacists, and imaging centers to move their operations into the digital eco-systems where they can increase productivity, lower costs on medical information management, improve quality of care and employee/patient safety. It has top-grade AI-powered health analytics which helps professionals to understand patterns towards delivering better care to patients.

Medcera Connect

Medcera Connect is designed for managing imaging centers, insurance, pharmacies, labs, etc making it possible for these entities to connect with Medcera Fusion EHR to improve patient outcomes.

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    Imaging Center

    With Medcera Connect, you can seamlessly integrate patient imaging results with Medcera EHR system maintained by the doctor.

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    Lab Center

    Integrate your lab with Medcera Fusion EHR. Put lab results into a patient chart.

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    Pharmacy Center

    Medcera Connect links pharmacies with patients portal and doctors Medcera EHR system, improving prescription services and more.

Medcera Insights

A health analytic product based on Medcera Fusion EHR dataset of population-level, anonymized patient records. Medcera Insights provides perspective on disease trends and helps with health management, drug discovery, policy formulation, and clinical decision support while maintaining patient privacy.

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    Drug Development

    Our health analytics helps drug companies develop relevant drugs faster, with data.

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    Our analytics supports health-focused charities in their works with communities.

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    Our health analytics helps governments replace guesswork with data-based decision processes.