Eligibility Checking

EMR and Lab Connectivity

Patient billing and collection follow up

Electronic Claims remittance & Tracking

Robust online reporting

Accounts Receivable Management

Payment processing and denial management

Make Your Billing More Effective

Increase economic results without having to cobble together several systems or hire rocket scientists to get the task done. Medcera Fusion makes your claims procedure more competent by notifying you to claim issues upstream within your practice management systems, so you can solve them at the least and earliest costly point. As a, your coding and billing personnel can create more claims in less time.

Seamless access to, and analysis of, all clinical and financial data
Minimize audit risk and build coding confidence.

Take the guesswork from getting paid and run your practice more easily with Medcera Fusion supreme medical coding information base. With millions of commercial payer and Medicare edits and important critical content, you create more accurate claims- more simply- so you face lesser contradictions, get paid earlier and enhance overall collections.

Complete Meaningful Use certified EMR solution

US-based service and support

Fulfilling with countless billing requirements changes may appear impossible, but automation can assist. Medcera Fusion huge medical coding understanding is ICD-10 prepared and offers a strong protection against the predicted surge in denials from the switch to ICD-10.

Proprietary Coding Scrubber hunts out incorrect coding and alerts for correction

Easily create super bills.

  Medcera Fusion advanced medical billing integrated in the cloud platform-flags problems before a claim leaves your office, so you can enhance cash flow, decrease managerial and reduce interruption from ICD-10.

Current medical billing?

You can work with current billing procedure. Medcera Fusion gives the facility of printing, exporting and sending securely electronic super bills to your existing bills.

Switch to better billing

Integrate you EMR with most affordable and industry’s leading cloud based medical billing services for a prefect practice management solution.


We have helped thousands of physicians for choosing the right EMR billing service or software for their practices. We can work according to your requirements and provide personalized billing options.

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